First cryptocurrency correlated to natural fancy colored diamonds and backed with a guarantee bond

“ Pressure does two things - bursts pipes and creates diamonds. Which one are you?” Brian Cook


  • Develop code & wallet 2017 Q4
  • Crowd­funding 2018 Q3
  • Go live 2018 Q4
  • Public launch 2019 Q2

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Fancy Colored Diamonds

  • Secure & Stable Investment with Historic Gains in Value in the last 5 years.
  • Portable wealth in your pocket; the most valuable asset relative to its size.
  • Kings and Queens for centuries used diamonds as a source of riches & power.
  • A global asset easily traded around the world.

Minimum Viable Product

Platform Development Areas

  • Blockchain
  • Desktop Wallets
  • Mobile Wallets
  • Smart Contract Tool
    for Diamonds Market
  • Private Mining Program

Try our demo wallet:

Argyle Coin RGL

  • Token Name Argyle Coin
  • Symbol RGL
  • Max Potential Supply RGL 100.000.000
  • Tokens for Sale RGL 3.462.000
  • Tokens For sale Pre-ICO RGL 300,000
  • Hard Cap Pre-ICO $3.000.000
  • Tokens For sale ICO RGL 2,700,000
  • Token Price $10
  • Token Date Sale 08/27/2018
  • Sale Duration 60 Days
  • Token Sale Time 13:00 EST
  • Token Type Token in ethereum private network with our own custom Genesis block
  • Soft Cap ICO $15.000.000
  • Hard Cap ICO $27.000.000
  • Currencies Accepted ETH, BTC, BCH
    and LITECOIN
  • Max Decimals 18

Token Distribution

Breakdown of Argyle Coin Recipients

Pre-sale and Crowdfunding

Argyle Company Principals

Development Team

Strategic Partnership

60% 15% 15% 10%

Token Allocation

Year 1 Breakdown

Pre-Sale and Crowdfunding

TOTAL - 60%

Argyle Company

TOTAL - 15%

Management Team Expenses

TOTAL - 5%

Development Team Expenses

TOTAL - 5%

Marketing Team Expenses

TOTAL - 5%


TOTAL - 5%


TOTAL - 5%

Argyle Coin’s Roadmap

Get to know our plan

Blockchain & Wallets Development

2017 Q4


Safekeeping of $25M in fancy colored diamonds

2017 Q4


2018 Q2


ICO - Initial Coin Offering

2018 Q3

Go Live

2018 Q4


Private Mining Program

2019 Q1

Argyle Coin Exchange

2019 Q1


Public Code Launch

2019 Q2

Our experts to make the project come true


Argyle Coin Gets a Guarantee Bond, Introducing a New Class of ICO to Support Investors

Argyle Coin, a recently launched Blockchain-based platform for financing, trading, and paying for precious diamonds, continues to hog the limelight in the global crypto space.


Argyle Coin, the First Cryptocurrency Ever to Be...

Jose said, “I see a future with Argyle Coin flourishing as an e-commerce token used online and in the real world not only for diamonds but for every possible scenario where tracking, escrow, investments, buy and sell will be done efficiently.”


The True ‘Diamond’ of Crypto

The Argyle Coin is the first cryptocurrency correlated with natural fancy colored diamonds.


Argyle Coin Gets a Guarantee Bond, Introducing a New Class of ICO to Support Investors

Argyle Coin is making heads turn in the global crypto community by protecting the interest of investors like never before.


BitBet News

Argyle Coin получает гарантийную облигацию, представляя новый класс ICO


Krypto Nachrichten

Argyle Coin wird die erste Cryptocurrency, die jemals mit einem Performance Bond und Fancy Coloured Diamanten im Wert von 25 Millionen Dollar dotiert wurde


Argyle Coin is the first cryptocurrency to offer the public an opportunity to be directly buying and investing in the growing fancy colored diamond market.


Argyle Coin, a blockchain based platform to buy and sell fancy colored diamonds, will protect its investors by two measures viz. a performance bond and $25,000,000 worth of fancy colored diamonds.


Diamonds have always been extremely popular amongst the wealthiest of investors across the globe. However, the industry has suffered due to the lack of a global currency capable of facilitating these multi-million-dollar international transactions at the desired speed.


Following the recent announcement of its blockchain and token (RGL), Argyle Coin has now emerged as the world’s first ever cryptocurrency that backs the investors fully with a bond as well as fancy colored diamonds worth a whopping$25,000,000.


Argyle Coin’s RGL token stands out from its competitors by backing the value of its tokens by something tangible, fancy colored diamonds worth millions of dollars.


To be specific, $25 M purchased by the principals and 60% out ICO Funds in fancy colored diamonds will be held by Malca-Amit’s, a leader in vault administration.


Argyle Coin Corp is the brainchild of Jose Aman, an international financier with over twenty-five years of experience in the diamond industry.

Working with

Our hard working talented associates


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between a Blockchain and a cryptocurrency?

Blockchain is technology breaks down to a data record that exists on one computer with info for example a record of dates or names. When that data needs to be updated, Blockchain technology creates a new Block, dataset, in the Chain that carries all prior info and adds new info that helps define new instructions and information, but does not need to return to a central computer to validate the new information. Blockchain technology pre-dates cryptocurrencies and in fact was originally envisioned to be used for Date-Stamping of large document repositories where new dates could easily be added and tracked when faced with millions of pieces of paper. Blockchain technology was quickly adapted to represent currency values and cryptocurrency was born. With ventures like BitCoin, without needing a central bank computer to validate trades and 24/7 access, transactions flourished. Ergo.. all cryptocurrencies function on Blockchain technology, but not all Blockchains are cryptocurrencies.

What makes Argyle Coin Different?

Argyle Coin was built on a private Blockchain, and rather than speculation to give it value, Argyle Coin is backed up by $25,000,000.00 worth of Fancy Colored Diamonds.

Why have Blockchains and cryptocurrencies become so popular?

Cryptocurrencies can move capital between people in separate countries with differing currencies. Previously you needed to wait for various banks and governments to connect to facilitate these deals and validate amounts which could take days. Cryptocurrency is quick, operates 24/7 and is far less expensive relative to the fixed costs of banking, government administration and large costs of minting coins and paper notes of a national currency.

How many people are currently using cryptocurrency?

The exact number is unknown, but certainly large and growing with around 30 million computers having downloaded the Bitcoin Wallet. Then double that number for the number who have downloaded some type of cryptocurrency Wallet. With usage in almost every country in the world, cryptocurrency is (fast become) quickly becoming globally accepted.

How safe is blockchain?

Blockchain is extremely secure. It is easier to count all the rice grains that has ever been in existence than it is to hack blockchain.

What is the difference between cryptocurrency and the money in my wallet?

A cryptocurrency’s value does not rely on the issuance of funds by a country or central national bank. Its value is defined by supply and demand of the market. Without a nation backing it there are no paper or coins. Acceptance of cryptocurrency as a form of payment is completely within the control of the seller of a good or service. Therefore, where the money in your wallet’s value is influenced by events affecting your country, such as inflation, the price of oil and natural disasters, cryptocurrency is influenced by the global supply and demand of your particular Token.

Will cryptocurrency overtake money as we know it?

As cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream, acceptance is certain to grow. Cash transactions are probably with us for some time but will compete with and in fact decline cash (s) in new digital economies such as working for a company abroad. Ultimately, like the silver coins of Spain or English Certificates of Deposits, paper currencies may fade from popularity too. Already 90% of all transaction are digital and other digital currencies, like the Petrol-Dollar, have replaced the prior domain of paper currencies. Cryptocurrencies are sure to follow.

What is a Wallet in the sense of holding my cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency Wallet is software…. software that operates on your smartphone or web browser that allows a user to see their total holdings as well as purchase and sell Tokens…kind of similar to your E-Banking Software. Wallets usually have several additional features to help you see a Token’s value in comparison to other cryptocurrencies. You can download the Argyle Wallet right now and try it out…. Your opening balance may be $0 just like when you get a new wallet at the store with no money in it.

Where can I use my cryptocurrency?

A global network of vendors takes Tokens for goods and transactions. You can access a global market for trading diamonds with buyers and sellers all over the world with Argyle Coin. You can also transfer one cryptocurrency for another like Argyle for Bitcoin and vice-versa with an Exchange Network.

Do I need to pay IRS Taxes in the USA on any gains made?

Yes, and only Yes, for US citizens that transfer Tokens into a paper currency.

Can I leave cryptocurrency in my Estate / Will?

Yes, you can…. But make sure you leave information about your passcodes which are needed to access your Wallets. Without your passcodes, key and passwords your heirs may not be able to access your cryptocurrency.